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Welcome to the Department of Microbiology

Microbiology Department was established in 1989. The department runs a five year undergraduate degree programme leading to the award of B.Tech. In Microbiology. The design of the programme is such that students take all requisite courses for 3 years in the different options of Microbiology from 300L. The first year of the programme is spent studying basic sciences and few liberal arts in order to provide sound knowledge of the basic scientific and its relationship to the society while in subsequent years; the student applies the scientific knowledge in an increasing complexity to biochemical, biological and microbiological processes. The entire Programme is flexibly structured to accommodate students with physics science background and aptitude, who are interested in various aspects of our programme. Read more


The Department of Microbiology is structured as a centre of academic excellence and a reference point for teaching and training high calibre practically oriented, high motivated, self-employable and enterprising graduates for public and private organizations, businesses and industries for national development and the world at large.


To train Microbiologists who will provide the man power requirement for industries, self-employment and employ other people through expertise in the theoretical and practical work in Microbiology and Biotechnology.

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